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How to Conserve Power on Your Android Tablet

An Android tablet is smart enough to know which of its features and apps use the most battery power. You can check it out for yourself:

  1. At the Home screen, touch the Apps icon.

  2. Choose Settings.

  3. Choose Battery.


The number and variety of items listed on the Battery screen depend on what you’ve been doing between charges and how many apps you’re using.

Carefully note which applications consume the most battery power. You can curb your use of these programs to conserve juice — though, honestly, your savings are negligible.

  • You can touch any item listed on the Battery screen to see further details for that item. On the Use Details screen you can review what specifically is drawing power. Buttons are available on some screens that let you disable features that may be drawing too much power.

  • Not everything you’ve done shows up on the Battery Use screen. For example, even after reading a Kindle book for about half an hour, Kindle didn’t show up. Also, the Gallery app can show up from time to time, even though you’ve not used it.

A surefire way to make a battery last a good long time is to never turn on the device in the first place. That’s kind of impractical, so rather than let you use your Android tablet as an expensive paperweight, here are some suggestions you can follow to help prolong battery life in your tablet.

Lower the volume: Additionally, consider lowering the volume for the various noises the Android tablet makes, especially notifications.
Dim the screen: You can see that the display (labeled Screen) sucks down quite a lot of battery power. Although a dim screen can be more difficult to see, especially outdoors, it definitely saves on battery life.
Turn off Bluetooth: When you’re not using Bluetooth, turn it off.
Turn off Wi-Fi: If you tend to use Wi-Fi in only one spot, keep the tablet plugged in. Away from a single location, however, Wi-Fi “wanders” and isn’t useful for an Internet connection anyway. So why not turn it off?
Disable GPS: The GPS services are handy for finding yourself and places nearby, but they too use a lot of power. Disable the GPS by choosing the Location Access or Location Services item in the Settings app, and then removing all the check marks.
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