After you have downloaded and installed the SamSung SmartTV SDK from the Samsung Developers Forum (SDF), there are a few additional configuration steps needed to ensure a smoother development environment.


For the fast execution of an application on the Emulator, enter “SDK Installation Folder app” as the workspace.

The default Eclipse workspace is “C:\Users\Administrator\workspace.”

Entering “SDK Installation Folder app” as the workspace enables an Emulator to only check project folders on the Windows file system and quickly run without the delayed loading time associated with Eclipse.

Eclipse developers normally set an easily maintainable location as the workspace. However, this practice causes the mentioned problem when using an Emulator.


Avoid having the IDE first synchronize the project before running the application, which causes delay and occasionally errors.

Another common practice is selecting a project and pressing Ctrl+1 to run the application in the Emulator.


Configure the Apache folder.

Apache web server’s installation folder must be entered into the SDK to locally publish an application. Please skip this step if this was done by default.

To configure the Apache folder, select “Samsung SmartTV SDK > Samsung SmartTV SDK Preference” in the order from the Eclipse’s top menu bar. Then enter the Apache folder in the “Root Folder” option on the “Apache” tab.