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Mail is a program in Mac OS X Lion for sending, receiving, and organizing your e-mail. Mail is fast and easy to use, too. Click the Mail icon in the OS X Dock or double-click the Mail icon in the Applications folder to launch Mail. The Mail icon looks like a canceled postage stamp.

You can use other applications to read e-mail. Mozilla (Thunderbird) and AOL, for example, have their own mail readers, as does Microsoft Office (Entourage or Outlook). But for Macs, the easiest and best mail reader around (meaning the best one on your hard drive by default) is almost certainly Mail. And of course, you can’t beat the price; it’s free!

Here’s how to create a new e-mail message:

  1. Choose File→New Message, click the New button on the toolbar, or press Command+N.

    A new window appears. This is where you compose your e-mail message.

  2. Place your cursor in the To field, and type someone’s e-mail address.

    If the recipient is in your Address Book, just type a few letters, and Mail’s intelligent autocomplete function matches it up with Address Book.

  3. Press the Tab key twice to move your cursor to the Subject text field and then type a subject for the message.

  4. Click in the main message portion of the window, and type your message there.

  5. When you’re finished writing your message, click the Send button to send the e-mail immediately, or close it to save it in the Drafts mailbox so you can work on it later.

    If you save your message to the Drafts mailbox (so you can write more later, perhaps), you can send it when you’re ready by opening the Drafts mailbox, double-clicking the message, and then clicking the Send button.

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