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How to Complete Federal Grant Application Cover Forms

The electronic Grant Application Cover Form (also known as Form 424) has four pages (it used to be just one page). When you fill in the Grant Application Cover Form at, here's exactly what the government wants you to include:

  • Section 1: Type of Submission. Your options for this section are Pre-Application, Application, or Changed/Corrected Application.

  • Section 2: Type of Application. Your options for this section are New, Continuation, or Revision.

  • Section 3: Date Received. completes this section upon submission.

  • Section 4: Applicant Identifier. Enter the entity identifier number (assigned by the federal agency) or your application control number (usually issued by when you submit the application). You likely won’t have a number to enter here if your application isn’t a revised or continuation application.

  • Section 5a: Federal Entity Identifier. This section is similar to Section 4. If you’re a new applicant, leave this section blank.

  • Section 5b: Federal Award Identifier. Leave this section blank if you’re a new applicant. If you aren’t a new applicant, the federal funding agency has given you this number.

  • Section 6: Date Received by State. This section is for state use only.

  • Section 7: State Application Identifier. This section is for state use only.

  • Section 8: Application Information. Enter the legal name, employer/taxpayer identification number (EIN/TIN), DUNS number, address, department and division names, and name and contact information of the person to be contacted regarding matters involving your grant application.

  • Section 9: Type of Applicant. This section includes a drop-down window where you can select from the following options: Nonprofit, For-Profit, Institution of Higher Education, Local Education Agency, State Education Agency, State Agency, and just about every other eligible applicant citatory that you read about in the grant application’s summary and guidelines.

  • Section 10: Name of Federal Agency. Type in the name of the federal funding agency that you’re submitting your grant application to for review (and hopefully recommendation for funding) by the peer review team.

  • Section 11: Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance Number. This five-digit number appears in the Grant Funding Opportunity Announcement Summary.

  • Section 12: Funding Opportunity Number. This number, which can vary in the number of digits, appears in the Grant Funding Opportunity Announcement Summary. In this section, you also need to type in the title of the funding competition.

  • Section 13: Competition Identification Number. This number appears in the Grant Funding Opportunity Announcement Summary. You also need to type in the title of the competition in this section.

  • Section 14: Areas Affected by Project. Don’t just list the city, county, and state where your organization is located; list the cities, counties, and states where you provide services and where your target population is located.

  • Section 15: Descriptive Title of Applicants Project. Spotlight the fantastic name you’ve selected for your grant-funded project.

  • Section 16: Congressional Districts. Don’t know your districts very well? Call your nearest public library and ask. Remember to include all the districts that your target population resides in, not just the one where your organization is located.

  • Section 17: Proposed Project. Enter your project’s start date and end date.

  • Section 18: Estimated Funding. Enter the federal request amount, your own local contribution, and any other expected contributions. You also have to total the amounts.

  • Section 19: Is Application Subject to Review by State under Executive Order 12372 Process? If so, you have three options for responding: you’re eligible, and you submitted it on the date you’ll enter; you didn’t submit your grant application for state review; your state doesn’t have a pre-review requirement for federal grants submitted from organizations located there.

    How do you know which option is right for you? Go to the Office of Management and Budget's Single Points of Contact (SPOC) List page, where you can see whether your state is on the list that requires a pre-review on all federal grant applications.

  • Section 20: Is the Applicant Delinquent on Any Federal Debt? You answer either yes or no. If you answer yes, you have a lot of explaining to do!

  • Section 21: Signatory Box. Simply type in the name of your authorized contact person, or his or her initials. Each federal grantmaking agency provides specific instructions on what they want you to enter into this information field.

  • Section 22: Applicant Federal Debt Delinquency Information. This section is applicable only if you have delinquent federal debt (if you answered Yes in Section 20). This page houses your 4,000-character explanation of your debt.

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