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A nonprofit grant proposal usually needs an appendix or attachments. Consider this to be the bows that accompany the wrapping paper. It provides any additional information a foundation may need for making a decision regarding your proposal. Four key items that are routinely included in the appendix (and often identified by foundations as required enclosures) are:

  • Proof of nonprofit status from the IRS (in the form of a determination letter)

  • List of the board of directors (and of any advisory boards)

  • Current year’s organization budget

  • Prior year’s financial statement

Other common appendix items include the following:

  • A list of major grants received in recent years

  • An organizational chart outlining staff and board roles

  • Copies of media clippings about the agency

  • Job descriptions and/or résumés of key staff

  • Samples of evaluations or reports

  • A copy of a long-range plan

  • Agency brochures and program announcements

  • Letters of support

Don’t include attachments unless the grant instructions clearly ask for them. Funders receive many applications at a time and don’t want to sort through information that isn’t relevant to the proposal.

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