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Have you noticed that the most creative campaigns also get the best responses? As an online community manager, when you think outside the box and embrace new people or communities, you’re bound to come up with some epic ideas that get epic results.

Consider the other online communities that will benefit most from cross-promotion. Also consider whether you should work with a community that has a similar theme and content, or whether if it’s more beneficial to both communities to seek partners elsewhere.

Reach out to a community manager you’d like to work with. Understand that it may take a few days or even longer for him to gain approval from his superiors. You’ll also need approval before embarking on a campaign with another business or brand to make sure that no political or legal issues are involved.

After everyone has signed off on whatever needs to be signed, you can get down to business:

  • Determine what your communities have in common.

  • Look into the demographics of each community so that promotional campaigns are a good fit for both.

  • Spend time visiting with the other community to get a good idea of how its members interact and the sorts of things they enjoy.

  • List the types of content and promotion that will benefit both communities.

  • Research other communities that have run joint campaigns.

  • Have regular brainstorming sessions with the manager of the other community.

  • Set a launch date for contests and discuss ways you can both promote them.

  • Consider creating a case study to present to team to discuss whether or not this type of campaign is worth it to do again.

A big contest between two communities should have a big prize. It seems anticlimactic to give away a free box of spaghetti or a discount coupon after all the fanfare. Make sure that it lives up to the hype.

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