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How to Close a PowerPoint 2007 Presentation

How to Close PowerPoint 2007

If your PowerPoint 2007 presentation is open, PowerPoint doesn’t let you exit without asking you to save your work. Use any of these techniques to shut down PowerPoint 2007:

  • Click the Office button and then click the Exit PowerPoint button.

  • Click the X box at the top-right corner of the PowerPoint 2007 window.

    …Or click the Close button.
    …Or click the Close button.
  • Press Alt+F4.

Bam! PowerPoint is history.

PowerPoint 2007 doesn’t let you abandon ship without first considering whether you want to save your work. If you’ve made changes to any presentation files and haven’t saved them, PowerPoint offers to save the files for you. Lean over and plant a fat kiss right in the middle of your monitor. PowerPoint just saved you your job.

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