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Here’s a fun task limited to just inkjet printer owners. You need to clean your inkjet cartridge nozzles about once every three months or whenever the output from your printer suddenly starts showing streaks of horizontal white lines. (As you probably can guess, the nozzles control the placement and amount of each droplet of ink.)

The good news is that you don’t need a bucket and a scrub brush for this chore; instead, your printer can take care of cleaning its own cartridges (with your approval, of course).

A new inkjet cartridge provides your printer a brand-new set of nozzles, so you should restart that three-month period when you change cartridges. However, if you refill an inkjet cartridge you should clean the cartridge nozzles immediately after the refilled cartridge has been reinstalled.

Like the calibration controls, the location of your printer’s cartridge-cleaning controls is likely displayed by the software you installed with your printer.

The following figure illustrates the cleaning controls for an Epson inkjet printer. Just click the Head Cleaning button and wait about a minute, and you're done.

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