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If you’ve ever wondered what color to paint the molding and trim, you may automatically say trim is always white. But do moldings have to be white? No rule says that it has to be that way. But remember that white trim can act as a thread to tie together different colored rooms, because it keeps the eye moving through the space.

Use white trim throughout your house to tie all the different colors together.
Use white trim throughout your house to tie all the different colors together.

However, for the low ceilings in contemporary rooms, painting the trim the same color as the walls (or a shade or tint that’s close) is usually better. This trick keeps the walls from being visually chopped up and makes the ceiling look higher.

If you want your eye to travel to the trim or if your house needs a unifying thread, consider using white molding. Otherwise, match the color of your walls.

If you do decide on white trim and moldings, you might be surprised at how many shades of white are available. Choosing one can be maddening. If your rooms are painted different colors (for example: red dining room, yellow kitchen, sage green family room), choose a shade that will complement each color. If that's difficult to do, then choose one based on the room where you spend the most time.

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