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Not all poses you see on real-life models translate well onto paper, but it’s helpful to recognize different poses and understand what types of poses work well with different types of clothing.

A fashion model in an evening dress doesn’t strike the same poses as a teen dude in an urban outfit. The fashion model stands tall and straight to show off the gown’s bodice and skirt; the teen dude is likely to assume a slouched pose to demonstrate how the clothing moves with ease over his body.

In fashion illustration, you utilize four different views of poses for most of your artwork:

  • The back view (a)

  • The front view (b)

  • The three-quarter view (c)

  • The side view (d)


To draw a basic fashion figure, you must first understand what a “good” pose is. When drawing fashion poses, follow these informal rules:

  • Make sure your model isn’t leaning on anything. She should be standing on her own two feet.

  • Keep your model from falling over on the page. You create balance by keeping the head, shoulders, hips, knees, and feet in a straight line from head to toe.

  • Angle the shoulders in one direction and the hips in the opposite direction. Doing so gives the impression of movement and attitude — two must-haves in fashion drawing.

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