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Text chat with Skype on your Android tablet works similarly to texting on a cell phone. The only difference is that the other person must be a Skype user. So in that respect, Skype text chat works a lot like Hangouts chat.

To chat, follow these steps:

  1. Start the Skype app and sign in.

    You don’t need to sign in when you’ve previously run the Skype app. Like most apps, Skype continues to run until you sign out or turn off the tablet.

  2. At the main Skype screen, touch the People tab and choose a contact.

    Or you can choose one of the contact icons shown on the main screen.

  3. Type your text in the text box.

    The box is found at the bottom of the screen. It says Type a Message Here.

  4. Touch the blue arrow icon to send the message.

    As long as your Skype friend is online and eager, you’ll be chatting in no time.

At the far right end of the text box, you find a Smiley icon. Use this icon to insert a cute graphic into your text.

  • The Skype Chat notification appears whenever someone wants to chat with you. It’s handy to see, especially when you may have switched away from the Skype app to use another app. Choose that notification to get into the conversation.

  • To stop chatting, touch the Back icon. The conversation is stored in the Skype app, even after the other person has disconnected.

  • For the chat to work, the other user must be logged in on Skype and available to chat.

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