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Once you have set a folder to be shared on a network, you need to set the permissions for that folder. By default, Windows allows others on the network to only read and copy the files in a shared folder. If you want them to be able to add files to the folder, delete files from the folder, or edit files in the folder, you must change the folder permissions.

In Windows XP, follow these directions to set shared folder permissions:

  1. Right-click the Shared Folder icon.

    You will know it is a shared folder because the normal folder icon has the addition of a hand underneath it, as if it is serving up the folder.

  2. Choose Sharing and Security from the shortcut menu.

    The Folder Properties dialog window appears with the Sharing tab selected.

  3. Place a check mark in the box Allow Network Users to Change My Files.

  4. Click OK.

Consider sharing the Public folder on your computer, making it “up for grabs” to any other user on the network. This way, you can easily make files available by copying them to the Public folder. This trick avoids complications that can arise when sharing individual folders.

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