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If you have trouble coming up with gifts, Apple iTunes may be your salvation. You can give the gift of music through Apple iTunes gift certificates, in amounts ranging from $10 to $200, or set up a monthly music allowance. You can e-mail the gift certificate, print it, or have it go out through the U.S. Mail. You can even give a specific song, TV show, or movie, or create a custom playlist for your recipient.

To purchase an iTunes gift certificate, click Buy iTunes Gifts under Quick Links. If you click Allowances instead under Buy iTunes Gifts, you can set up a regular monthly allowance (in the same $10 to $200 amounts) that gets automatically topped off on the first of the each month. If all goes well, your child (or another lucky recipient) will learn about fiscal responsibility. Unused balances are saved until another purchase. Of course, should your son or daughter abuse any privileges, you can end the iTunes allowance at any time by heading over to the Account Information page.

You can drag songs into a playlist and give them as gifts, even if you don’t own the songs. You hear the 30-second previews; your recipients get the full song. Click the arrow next to the playlist and click Give Playlist.

You can also give an entire album inside the iTunes Music store by selecting Gift This Music on the Album page. To redeem a certificate you’ve received, click Redeem under Quick Links and enter the Redeem code on your gift card or certificate.

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