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Instead of avoiding your favorite recipes, look at ways to bulk them up by adding chia, fruits, or vegetables. Bulking up your meals is the best way to stretch your calorie budget and a great way to improve the nutrition of your favorite dishes.

You know when you’re trying to be healthy, so you cook your favorite recipe, but eat a smaller portion, and then you end up dissatisfied and wanting more and more.

Not only do you get to enjoy your favorite recipes, but you feel fuller and happier. Here are some examples of how to bulk up your favorite recipes using chia:

  • When eating pizza, put loads of vegetables and chia on it instead of meat.

  • If you want to eat a casserole, fill it with vegetables and chia.

  • When eating cereal, pour a little less into your bowl and add chia gel to bulk it up.

  • Make homemade burgers, but use half the meat that the recipe calls for and use chia gel as a replacement for the missing meat.

  • Mix chia gel into cream cheese before you spread it on your bagel.

  • Add chia gel to your pancake mix.

  • Use chia gel in all your baked goods.

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