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Head to the Top Rated page on YouTube — it's a good bet for finding quality entertainment on the site. Videos become top-rated on YouTube when millions of registered users from all over the world rate them high enough to make the cut. YouTube doesn’t rate videos, and it doesn’t choose which videos are top-rated.

After you watch a video on YouTube, you (as a registered user) can quickly and simply rate the video — from five stars for a great video to one star for, let’s be polite about it, garbage. Just think about it, all those millions of users clicking all those millions of stars. And in the twinkle of an eye, YouTube can process all that data and show you which videos are the top ranked.

  1. On YouTube, click the Videos tab.

    You land on the Videos home page.

  2. On the left side of the window, click the Top Rated link in the Browse section.

    You see the Top Rated page in the Videos section.

    This is where things get really interesting. These videos theoretically are the cream that rises to the top. This is a great example of what the owners of YouTube mean when they say that YouTube is created not by the YouTube administration but by the YouTube community itself.

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