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How to Block Unwanted iChat Invitations on Mac OS X Snow Leopard

In Mac OS X Snow Leopard’s iChat, you might want to block chat invitations from some people for any number of reasons. Rejecting unwanted invitations is easy, and you don’t have to explain why you chose to block a person. iChat is subtle; you just ignore people with a few clicks and you will get no more invitations.

To ignore someone in a chat group, click her name in the list and choose Buddies→Ignore <person>.

When you ignore someone in a chat group, you don’t see anything that she types or have to respond to any file transfer requests from that person.

If only it were that easy to ignore someone when he’s standing close to you.

Anyway, if the person becomes a royal pain, you can also choose to block that person entirely. That way, the offensive cur doesn’t even know that you’re online, and he can’t reach you at all. Click the person in the list and choose Buddies→Block <person>. The deed is done.

Make yourself unavailable to a specific person.
Make yourself unavailable to a specific person.
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