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How to Avoid Mistakes when Revitalizing Your Business's Brand

When you revitalize your brand to address current business and market realities, avoid these most common brand-revitalization mistakes and sail on toward branding success. Mistakes happen when you don't follow these tips:

  • As the head of your business, lead your brand revitalization effort.

  • Assess whether your product or your brand experience — and not your brand identity — may be hurting your brand’s esteem in its marketplace.

  • Enlist experienced professionals to help with research, name development, logo design, trademark registration, and brand communications.

  • Inform your staff early on about why you’re undertaking a brand revitalization effort.

  • Understand and protect your current brand assets while you revise your brand for the future.

  • Introduce and win support internally before you let your revitalized brand story outside the confines of your business.

  • Reach your most loyal customers, investors, and suppliers with news of your revitalized brand before they hear about your brand changes through the grapevine or through mass media.

  • Establish a brand management plan that ensures continuous and consistent communication of your brand message and promise across all communication channels and at all consumer touch points.

  • Introduce your revitalized brand with the fanfare it deserves.

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