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How to AutoFormat Lists in Word 2007

You can apply automatic formatting to create numbered and bulleted lists using the Word 2007 AutoFormat feature. This feature also works for letters and Roman numerals.

Create a numbered list in Word 2007

Any time you start a paragraph with a number, Word assumes (through AutoFormat) that you need all your paragraphs numbered. Here's the proof:

  1. Type a line of text that begins with a number.

    (For letters or Roman numerals, just start something with a letter and a period; Word picks up at the next line with the next letter in the alphabet or Roman numeral and another period.)

    Immediately after typing the number (for example, 1.), you see the infamous AutoFormat lightning bolt icon and your text is reformatted. Darn, this thing is quick! That's AutoFormat guessing that you're about to type a list.

  2. Go ahead and finish typing the line; then press Enter.

    You see the following line begin with the next number.

  3. To end the list, press Enter again.

    That erases the final number and restores the paragraph formatting to Normal. (When you press Enter twice to end an AutoFormat list, Word sticks only one Enter "character" into the text.)

Create a bulleted list in Word 2007

  1. Start a line by typing * and a space.

  2. Type your text and press Enter.

    The next line begins with *.

  3. To end the list, press Enter again.

    That erases the final asterisk and restores the paragraph formatting to Normal.

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