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Although you probably don't want random people looking through your personal files, there are some files that you will want to share with others in your home or workgroup. You can share these files by placing them in the public folders and allowing others access to the public folders in Windows Vista. This is a handy way to share files when you have protected your private folders.

  1. Choose Start→Control Panel and then click the Set Up File Sharing link under the Network and Internet category.

  2. Click the arrow on the Public Folder Sharing item and select your preferred setting for the Public Folder.


    You can allow access with the ability to make changes, allow access without the ability to make changes, or prohibit access.

    The Public folder is found using the path C:\Users\Public. You move any files you want others to access to this folder.

  3. Click Apply to save the setting and click the Close button to close the Control Panel.

If you want to verify which of your files are affected by your settings, you can go back to the Network and Sharing Center dialog box and click the Show Me All the Files and Folders I Am Sharing link to review the accesses you have set up.

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