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A number of advertising middlemen can help successful bloggers put ads on their blogs. In most cases, you can choose between text and graphic ads in a set of standard web-advertising sizes. You create the ad, the ad network serves it up, the blogger posts new content, and his or her visitors see your ad.

If you want to advertise on some of the most successful blogs around, check out one or more of these ad networks:

  • Blogads: Offers ad placement on more than 3,500 blogs and allows you to choose an audience to target (for example, parents or news junkies).

  • ClickZ: Offers ad placement on the ClickZ family of news, opinion, and entertainment sites.

  • Crisp Ads: Offers advertising across blog categories (such as autos and food) or on specific blogs. More than 10,000 blogs are enrolled.

  • FeedBurner: Offers placement on blogs and in RSS feeds; choose from categories of blogs and/or target specific times of day or geographic regions.

Each of these services offers you an array of popular blogs and ad formats to choose from, organizes the deal, and handles the transaction. Rates are negotiated based on the level of advertising, the blogs that you're placed on, and how many times your ads are viewed or clicked.

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