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How to Adjust Window Settings on TI-Nspire

On the TI-Nspire, you can manually adjust the XMin, XMax, YMin, and YMax values by pressing [MENU]→Window/Zoom→Window Settings. Remember to press [TAB] to move through each field, and press [ENTER] at any time to close the dialog box.

TI-Nspire does a great job of coming up with a good initial window to fit a data set. However, sometimes the manipulation of a graph or data set results in window settings that are no longer appropriate. Press [MENU]→Window/Zoom→Data to let TI-Nspire adjust the window settings for you.

Finally, press [MENU]→Window/Zoom→Zoom – In (or Zoom – Out) to access the Zoom – In or Zoom – Out tool. Position the cursor on an area of the graph in which you want to zoom in (or zoom out) and press [CLICK]. Continue pressing [CLICK] to zoom in or out some more. When finished, press [ESC] to exit the Zoom tool.

Move your cursor to some open space on a graph, and right-click ([CTRL][MENU]) to choose Zoom for quick access to the Window/Zoom menu.

Try moving your cursor to the horizontal or vertical axis. Press [CTRL][CLICK] to grab an axis, and use the Touchpad keys to change the scale. Only the selected axis changes.

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