MSN adCenter can be a useful tool for web marketers. After you gain experience, you may want to adjust your keyword list. When you created your account, you may have chosen to accept the default options when you entered your initial keyword list. If you did, the match type was broad and the maximum CPC was applied to all keywords in that ad group.

You can always go back and set separate bids for specific keywords or change the overall maximum CPC.

You can enable incremental bidding and target users by gender or age by increasing your bid when MSN detects a user in your desired demographic (age, gender, or time of day).

To adjust your keyword list or use the incremental bidding tool, follow these steps:


If you want to edit the match types, click the ad group for which you want to edit the keywords; then click the Keywords tab.

Your selected keyword list appears.


Hover your mouse over the keyword to get a pencil icon, and click the pencil.

The drop-down menu opens.


Select the match type per keyword to Phrase or Exact and adjust bids for individual keywords as desired.

Use the same pencil icon in the current bid box next to the keyword you want to edit.


Click Save at the top of the page.

This will lock in your settings.


To bid separately for ads displayed on content pages, click the pencil icon next the site or keyword that you want to adjust the bid for in the current max bid column.

This option allows you to set a separate bid for ads on the content network. By default, MSN selects your maximum CPC bid for all networks. You want to be able to bid separately.


Edit negative keywords, {param} options, and destination URLs on a per-keyword basis:

First, click the Columns button and select the check boxes next to the options you want to display.

Next, select the check boxes for the individual keywords you want to make changes to, and click the Edit link. The columns to adjust these settings are then displayed.


Click the Save button at the top of the page.