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You can use one of the Lion Server setup assistants to create a shared network directory of users (an Open Directory master) or import users from another directory server. Follow these steps:

  1. In the Next Steps pane of the Server app, click the Add Users button.

    The Next Steps pane advises that your server doesn’t have a shared network directory, so any users you add will be local users of the server Mac. In the text are several links that will open setup assistants.

  2. Click one of these two links to open a setup assistant:

    Click the Manage Network Accounts link to create a directory server on this Mac.

    Click Connect to It to import accounts from another directory server.

    In this example, click the Manage Network Accounts link.

  3. Click Next in the Configure Users and Groups dialog.

  4. In the Directory Administrator dialog, enter a name, short name, and password for an administrator and then click Next.

    The default name is Directory Administrator. The default short name is diradmin, all lowercase. Spaces are not permitted in short names.

  5. In the Organization Info dialog, type a name for your department or organization and an e-mail address for the directory administrator; then click the Next button.

  6. Review your settings in the Confirm Settings dialog and click the Set Up button.

The assistant takes a few minutes to create an Open Directory master for you. You can now create user and group accounts.

Notice the small question mark button in the lower right of these screens. You can click it in any of the configuration screens to get help. The help that pops up is specific to the screen, and it’s quite, well, helpful.

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