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How to Add the NetworkedBlogs Tab to Your Facebook Business Page

NetworkedBlogs allows you to add a tab to your Facebook business Page to display your blog posts. This tab gives your Facebook fans easy access to your blog from Facebook without having to go anywhere.

Some people decide to use only NetworkedBlogs as a way to import their blog posts onto a Facebook tab, and they do not use NetworkedBlogs to automatically post to their Page. Manually posting your new blog post to the Timeline gives you more control of how the post looks and of the commentary that goes along with the post.

Ultimately, you have to weigh the benefit of automation against the benefit of manually posting something that could be a bit more engaging because of the personal touch you add.

  1. In NetworkedBlogs, click Blogger Dashboard in the top-right corner.


    Alternatively, you can go directly to You see your blog listed.

  2. Click Add to Facebook Page below the name of your blog in the center of the page.

    A pop-up selection window appears.

  3. Choose the appropriate Page from the drop-down menu.

    Make sure you choose the correct page.

  4. Click Add Page Tab.

    You see a message that your Page has been added.

Now when you navigate to your Page, you see the Blog tab in your Apps area. You can change the position of the tab and the app photo.

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