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How to Add Database Fields and Text Fields in Sage Timeslips

Most clients want their firm name, address, and phone number to appear at the top of the Sage Timeslips bill. To add the firm phone number to the Bill Header — First Page section, follow these steps:

  1. Make space for the phone number by dragging the Firm Name and Firm Address — Standard fields up a bit.

  2. Open the Field Group drop-down list (on the right side of the Design tab) and select Firm Contact Info.

  3. Drag Firm Phone 1 from the Field List to the blank space you created in Step 1.

    The field appears below the firm address, justified to the left.

  4. Right-click the Firm Phone 1 field and choose Justification.

  5. In the Text Justification: Firm Phone 1 dialog box that appears, choose Center.

    Now the field justification of the phone number matches that of the firm name and address, which are both centered.

  6. Click OK.

  7. Align the Firm Phone 1 field between the left and right margins by right-clicking it and choosing Align to Page→Snap to Center of Margins.

The font of the Firm Phone 1 field matches the global font you set earlier. To change the font to match the font used for the firm name and address, right-click one of those fields and choose Font to identify the font they use. Then right-click the Firm Phone 1 field and choose Font. Select the font used by the firm name and address fields and then click OK.

If you opt to place the phone number at the top of the bill, you might want to delete it from the bill layout footer. In the Go To Section drop-down list, choose Footer — First Page. Then click the Firm Phone 1 field and press the Delete key on your keyboard.

Many of clients also prefer to eliminate the space allotted to the Project Header — First Page section, especially if they don’t use projects in Timeslips.

Although you can’t move fields from one section to another, you can delete them in one section and then add them to another. In this example, you can place the In Reference To fields (one database and one text field) and the Invoice # fields (also one database and one text field) in the Bill Header — First Page section.

The database fields contain labels that identify the database fields on the layout. However, Timeslips replaces those labels with the actual values on the bill, so you should add text fields to identify the database fields for your client.

First, delete the four fields from the Project Header — First Page section by clicking each field and then pressing the Delete button on your keyboard.

Next, add the database fields to the Bill Header — First Page section. Click the section and then drag the fields from the Field List on the right side of the Design tab to the general location in the section where you want them to appear. Remember, you can position them at any time by dragging and aligning.

In the example, the In Reference To field from the Field List of the Client Contact Info field groups are already added. Then the view switched to the Client Values field group to drag the Invoice Number field to the Bill Header — First Page section.


Now add the text fields that contain labels for these database fields so that your client can identify their purpose. To add a label, click the Text tool on the toolbar. Then slide the mouse pointer to the location where you want the label to appear and click.

Timeslips displays the field with sample text that reads Text field. The sample text is already selected, so simply type the text for your label. Timeslips replaces the sample text with your text.

A label for the In Reference To field and typed RE: as the label text was added. Then another text field was replaced to label the Invoice Number field.

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