Custom lists come in handy when you’re posting as a marketing strategy, but you can also use them to filter which posts you see in your News Feed stream. To see only the updates from people in a specific list, you just click that list; Facebook filters your posts on your News Feed page to show you only status updates from the people in the specific list.

To make things even easier for you, you can add custom lists to your Favorites. The Favorites section appears in the top-left column on your home page as a way to quickly access the links you use most. To add a list to your Favorites, follow these steps:


Log in to your Facebook account.

By default, you land on your home page.


In the left column, hover your mouse over your custom list.

A little blue pencil (the icon Facebook uses to indicate an edit opportunity) appears to the left of the list name.


Click the blue pencil.

A drop-down menu appears, with the option to add this list to Favorites.


Click Favorites.

The custom list has now been added to you favorites.