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Adding contacts is critical if you want to use Windows Messenger. You need to add contacts to Messenger so that you can see which of your friends are online, see who's away, see who's too busy to chat, and to send and receive messages from your contacts. To add contacts to Windows Messenger using Windows XP:


Choose Start.

Go to All Programs→Windows Messenger.


Click the Click Here to Sign In link.

This option is done in the Windows Messenger window. If you don’t have a .NET Passport, you will be prompted to sign up for one. Enter required information in the series of screens that appears. (If you already have a passport, you’ll sign in automatically and can skip this step).


Click the Add a Contact link.

You can find the Add a Contact link in the Windows Messenger window. In the Add a Contact dialog box that appears, click Next to accept the default option of entering your contact’s information.


Enter the person’s e-mail address and click Next.

In the next Add a Contact dialog box, you add the person's e-mail address. The person must have a .NET passport to be accepted as a Windows Messenger contact.


Click one of the two radio buttons and then click OK.

The options are Allow a person to see when you are online and contact you, and Block this person from seeing when you are online and contacting you.


Click the Send E-mail button.

Enter any personal message in the resulting window. This will send an e-mail notifying the contact about how to install Windows Messenger.


Click Next and then click Cancel.

Doing so will close the wizard.

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