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How to Add and Delete Cells, Columns, and Rows in a Word 2007 Table

You can add and delete cells, columns, and rows in your Word 2007 tables. Word makes this easy by offering various commands in the Rows & Columns group of the Table Tools Layout tab.


Deleting cells, columns, or rows in a Word 2007 table

The key to deleting part of a table is to first position the insertion pointer in the part of the table you want to remove. Then use the Delete button's drop-down menu to choose the table element you want to remove (this button is located in the Rows & Columns group of the Layout tab).

  • The table's contents are also deleted when you delete parts of a table.

  • The Delete Cells command displays a dialog box asking what to do with the other cells in the row or column: move them up or to the left. Keep in mind that deleting a cell may make your table asymmetrical.

Inserting rows or columns in a Word 2007 table

You can expand a table by adding rows or columns; the rows or columns can be added inside the table or appended to any of the table's four sides.


Four commands in the Rows & Columns group make this possible: Insert Above, Insert Below, Insert Left, and Insert Right. The row or column that’s added is relative to where the insertion pointer is within the table.

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