When you first create a presentation in PowerPoint 2007, it has just one slide. Fortunately, PowerPoint gives you many ways to add new slides to your presentation. You see only three of them here:


On the Home tab, click the New Slide button in the Slides group.

PowerPoint adds a blank slide to your presentation.


Press Ctrl+M.

And again, PowerPoint adds a blank slide.


Right-click in the Slides or Outline tab on the left and then choose New Slide.

And again, PowerPoint adds a blank slide.

In all three cases, PowerPoint adds a blank slide with a standard layout that includes a title and content area. If you want to choose a different layout, click the Layout button in the Home tab to display the gallery of slide layouts. This pane enables you to pick from several types of slide layouts. Just click the one that you want to use, and PowerPoint sets the new slide to the layout of your choosing.

Each slide layout has a name. For example, the Title and Content layout includes a text object in addition to the title area. It’s the best format for presenting a topic along with several supporting points.