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A drop cap is a specially formatted letter that appears at the beginning of a paragraph. Word 2007 offers two styles of drop caps. The first, and more common, begins the paragraph with a large letter that spills down into the text. Thus, the drop cap displaces the first few lines of the paragraph. The second style places the large first letter in the margin adjacent to the paragraph.


Type the paragraph as you normally would.

When you use the Drop Cap command, the special formatting for the first letter will be taken care of.


Open the Insert tab on the Ribbon and click the Drop Cap button.

A menu that lists the two drop cap styles appears.


Choose the drop cap style you want to use.

The first letter of the paragraph is converted to a frame that is properly positioned for the drop cap.


Adjust the drop cap, if you want to.

Because the drop cap is simply text placed inside a text box, you can use any of the Word 2007 formatting features to format the drop cap to your liking. Change the size, switch colors, or add a shadow if you want.

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