In Excel 2007, data tables display chart values in a grid beneath the chart. They are helpful if you need to see exact values along with a graphical display, such as when using a 3-D chart. Also, they may be preferable to data labels, which can be difficult to read within some charts.


Click anywhere on the chart you want to modify.

Data tables can be added to charts on a regular worksheet, but it isn’t a common practice because the worksheet itself already displays the data.


Click the Data Table button in the Labels group on the Chart Tools Layout tab.

Options include None (to remove a data table), Show Data Table, and Show Data Table with Legend Keys.


Make a selection from the Data Table menu.

You can select More Data Table Options to see additional formatting options for data tables.


Click OK.

A data table showing the actual values appears at the bottom of the chart.

To remove a data table, click the Data Table command button on the Chart Tools Layout tab and select None from the drop-down menu.