Word 2010 offers a Cover Page menu, so you can create a cover page for your Word document without having to fuss with removing headers and footers from that one page:


Click the Insert tab and, in the Pages group, click the Cover Page button.

A fat, fun menu full of various cover-page layouts appears.


Select a cover-page layout that titillates you.

That cover page is immediately inserted as the first page in your document. Then Word displays it onscreen for further editing.


Click the bracketed text on the cover page and type the required replacement text.

For example, click [Type the Document Title]. Then type your document's real title. The text you type replaces the bracketed text.


Repeat Step 4 until the cover page looks the way you like it.

Leaving the bracketed text on your title page is tacky. Your boss doesn't want to see a report that has [Company Name] on it rather than your company's real name.


To remove a cover page you've inserted, choose the Remove Current Cover Page command from the Cover Page menu.

It helps to have the insertion pointer on the cover page to delete it.


To replace a cover page you've removed, choose a new one from the Cover Page menu.

While you learn more about Word, you can even modify or add elements to the cover page after it's inserted.