You can use graphics as text decorations in Word 2010, but if you have graphics that you want to reference, Word allows you to do that, too. To best reference an image, you should add a caption. The caption’s text can identify the image with boring text (“Figure 1”), or it can explain what’s in the image (“John touching the plant that he swore to us was not poison sumac”):


Click the graphic.

The graphic becomes selected.


From the References tab’s Captions group, click the Insert Caption button.

A caption frame is placed below the graphic, and the Captions dialog box appears.


In the Caption text box, type the figure caption text.

You can remove any text that’s already there.


Select a position for the caption from the Position drop-down list.

The caption position is relative to the figure.


Click the OK button.

The dialog box closes, and the caption is applied to the figure.


If you want to change the caption, simply click the mouse in the caption text box and type a new caption.

Click anywhere outside the text box when you're done.


To remove a caption, click the caption text box once to select it, and then press the Delete key.

The caption disappears.

The caption itself is a special type of text box, which is like a graphic image but contains text. It’s not grouped with the image, so if you move or resize the image, you have to move or resize the caption box, as well.