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How to Activate Your Android Tablet

Android tablets that use the digital cellular network require activation before they can use that network. The process works like activating a cell phone, and it’s basically the same technology. The purpose is to associate your tablet with an account number so that you can receive a monthly bill.

Activation of your cellular tablet was most likely done at the Phone Store or elsewhere if you purchased the device online. If not, you’ll be prompted to run through activation steps when you first turn on the tablet.

Follow through with these instructions to activate your Android tablet. Even if you have a Wi-Fi–only tablet, peruse these initial steps:

  1. Press the Power/Lock button.

    You may have to press it longer than you think. You can release the button when you see the manufacturer’s logo or animation appear on the tablet’s touchscreen.

  2. If necessary, unlock your tablet.

    To unlock the tablet, slide your finger across the touchscreen or touch and move the Lock icon outward toward a circle that appears. Your tablet may have a different unlocking screen, in which case directions on the screen generally explain what to do.

  3. Select your mother tongue.

    If you’re reading this in English, choose English as the language for your Android tablet. Åñëè òû ãîâîðèøü ðóññêèé, âûáðàòü Ðóññêèé ÿçûê.

  4. Touch the Activate button.

    The tablet contacts your cellular provider to confirm that you have an active account.

    The Activate prompt doesn’t appear for Wi-Fi tabs. Instead, you may be asked to scope out a Wi-Fi network.

  5. Obey the directions of your cellular provider.

    The specifics of what happens next depend on your cellular provider.

  6. Touch the Next button when you see the text Device Is Activated.

    The Android tablet restarts.

If you have trouble activating your tablet, contact your cellular provider. You’ll need to read information from the Android tablet’s box, which has activation information printed on a label.

The next step in the initial setup process is to connect the tablet with your Google account.

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