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Internet access is available everywhere. If you need to specifically access your own ISP from your laptop while you are traveling, it's preferable to have either a local access number or a toll-free number.

These suggestions are for dialup Internet only:

  • Many national ISPs — such as AOL, EarthLink, and NetZero — have access points all over the country. Before you leave, check to see whether yours has any local access numbers for your destination. That way, you can use your laptop's modem to connect with your ISP just as you do at home.

  • In addition to local access, your ISP might also offer a toll-free phone number to connect. Note that you may have to pay a surcharge for accessing this feature.

When you're lucky enough to find an Ethernet Internet connection while you're away, there’s no need to use the modem or dial in to your local ISP. As long as your laptop is connected to the Internet, you can access your e-mail or browse the Web just as you would normally do.

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