You can look at the worksheets you create with Excel 2007 from any number of perspectives. You can change the view so that you see — or don’t see — page breaks, grid lines, and dialog boxes, and you can magnify a worksheet and see how it would appear printed. The following table gives you the hot key combinations and Excel Ribbon commands so that you see exactly what you want to see:

Hot Keys Excel Ribbon Command Function
Alt+W,L View | Normal View Returns the worksheet to normal view from Page Layout or Page Break Preview
Alt+W,P View | Page Layout View Puts the worksheet into Page Layout View showing the page breaks, margins, and rulers
Alt+W,I View | Page Break Preview Puts the worksheet into Page Break Preview, showing page breaks that you can adjust
Alt+W,E View | Full Screen Puts the worksheet in full-screen mode, which hides the Microsoft Office Button, Quick Access Toolbar, and Ribbon — press the Esc key to restore previous viewing mode
Alt+W,V,G View | Gridlines Hides and redisplays the row and column gridlines that form the cells in the Worksheet area
Alt+W,Y,G View | Zoom to Selection Zooms the Worksheet area in or out to the magnification percentage needed to display just the cell selection
Alt+W,N View | New Window Inserts a new window in the current workbook
Alt+W,A View | Arrange All Opens the Arrange dialog box, where you can select how workbook windows are displayed on the screen
Alt+W,F View | Freeze Panes Opens the Freeze Panes drop-down menu, where you select how to freeze rows and columns in the Worksheet area
Alt+W,S View | Split Splits the worksheet into four panes using the top and left edge of the cell cursor as the vertical and horizontal dividing lines — press hot keys again to remove all panes
Alt+W,H View | Hide Hides the current worksheet window or workbook
Alt+W,U View | Unhide Opens the Unhide dialog box, where you can select the window or workbook to redisplay
Alt+W,B View | View Side by Side Tiles two open windows or workbooks one above the other for comparison — press hot keys again to restore the original full windows
Alt+W,W View | Switch Windows Opens the Switch Windows drop-down menu, where you can select the open window or workbook to make active