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Home Recording Microphone Storage

Most professionals have mic lockers, where they can safely keep their mics when they’re not in use. Mic lockers come in several varieties. You can make a special locked box fitted with foam padding that has a cutout for each mic, or you can keep your mics in their pouches or cases (if the mic came with a case) in a closet or cabinet.

Regardless of the type of storage cabinet you have, try to handle your mics as little as possible. In fact, if you have a mic that you use a lot, just leave it on a secure stand rather than repeatedly dragging it out of its case or storage cabinet.

If you do leave your mic out on its stand, cover the mic with a plastic bag and close the open end around the mic when it’s not in use. This keeps out the dust.


Humidity can also be a problem for microphones. If you live in a humid environment, store your mics with a bag of silica gel next to them. (Silica gel, which absorbs moisture, is the stuff that comes in the packaging of a lot of electronic gear.) You can find silica gel listed as desiccant packets online.

If you do an Internet search by typing desiccant packet or desiccant sacks/sachets into your favorite search engine, you’ll find a lot of options.

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