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Hints to Managing Your Energy Bank with MS

Part of the Multiple Sclerosis For Dummies Cheat Sheet

When you have multiple sclerosis (MS), your energy may be in very short supply. Some days you feel like taking on the world and other days you feel like taking to your bed. You’re not alone. When you experience energy ups and downs, you can be proactive and manage your energy bank in the following ways to help you get through each day:

  • Set priorities to ensure the best use of your daily energy supply.

  • Make deposits (naps are great!) in addition to your withdrawals.

  • Use your energy supply efficiently by doing the following:

    • Using the right tools/mobility devices

    • Making your home/work spaces accessible and convenient

    • Asking for help when you need it

  • Do the most difficult tasks when you have the most energy.

  • Pace yourself instead of pushing yourself to the point of exhaustion.

  • Talk to your doctor about symptoms that disrupt your sleep.

  • Stay cool — literally and figuratively.

  • Review your medications with your doctor (some have sleepiness or fatigue as a side effect, while others are prescribed to relieve it).

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