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Guitar Tablature: "The Streets of Laredo"

When playing "The Streets of Laredo" on guitar, you'll play double-stops across the strings, near the bottom of the neck. The double-stops give the song a sweet, pretty sound — just the thing for a tête-à-tête between a passerby and a mummified cowboy. The tab doesn’t indicate fingering, but you can use fingers 1 and 2 for double-stops that are one fret apart and 1 and 3 for double-stops that are two frets apart. For right-hand picking, use all downstrokes.

To play this song, you need to know how to play double-stops across the neck and how to sound light-hearted while playing a song about a conversation with a corpse.

The Streets of Laredo
The Streets of Laredo

Click here to download and print this guitar tab.

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