Grouping Your Wireless Clients with SSID

You can use service set identifiers (SSID) to group your wireless devices to help organize them into manageable groups. A service set identifier or SSID names a service set which are all the wireless devices that participate in a specific wireless LAN. This wireless LAN may be a local WLAN or an enterprise WLAN, spanning several buildings or areas.

A service set refers to all the wireless devices that participate in a specific wireless LAN. Each service set is identified by a service set identifier or SSID. The SSID should directly relate to the network that the WLAN or AP will connect the wireless device to:

  • If you have multiple networks within an enterprise environment, multiple SSIDs can exist.

  • If you only have one network, you should only have one SSID.

Multiple access points hosting connections to multiple networks are shown. This setup means that in a single area you will likely have multiple APs using the same SSID.


The SSID can be up to 32 characters long. It is usually made up of human-readable ASCII characters, but it could contain any of the possible 256 values in those 32 digits. When users connect to the WLAN identified by the SSID, they can make the connection automatically or manually, depending on how they have configured their network settings on their computers.

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