Volunteering is one of the most effective ways to gain skills, build your green network, and add accomplishments to your resume. Check out these opportunities:

  • Cool Cities: This green initiative, sponsored by the Sierra Club, has groups throughout North America. Check the map to find the nearest group to you.

  • Green team for your city: Talk with members of your local network and your city hall to find a grassroots or city-sponsored group committed to helping your region go green.

  • Idealist: This multifaceted site gives you access to thousands of volunteer opportunities, nonprofits, and people.

  • Orion Network: Explore this online network to discover environmental conservation opportunities.

  • Your local volunteer center: A Google search with the keywords “volunteer center” + your city/state/region name helps you find your local volunteer center(s).

  • Volunteer Match: Using keywords to identify your interests and your region, you discover volunteer opportunities close to home or available virtually.

  • Environmental organizations in your area: Search Google using “environmental organization” + city/state/region name.