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Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts

Part of the Google Sites & Chrome For Dummies Cheat Sheet

You can navigate your way through Google Chrome faster by using keyboard shortcuts. Here's a list of shortcuts that work on Google Chrome, and what they do.

Keyboard Shortcut What It Does
Ctrl+T Opens a new tab.
Ctrl+W Closes the current tab.
Ctrl+Tab Cycles through current tabs.
Ctrl+N Opens a new window.
Ctrl+Shift+N Opens a new incognito window.
Ctrl+Shift+T Opens the last tab you closed.
Alt+Home Opens your home page.
Ctrl+L Jumps to the Omnibox.
Ctrl+K Searches for a word in the Omnibox.
Ctrl+F Finds text in an open page.
Ctrl++ Increases the font size.
Ctrl+- Decreases the font size.
Ctrl+0 Restores the normal font size.
Ctrl+B Shows/hides the bookmarks bar.
Ctrl+H Opens your browsing history.
Ctrl+J Loads your downloads page.
Ctrl+X Cuts.
Ctrl+C Copies.
Ctrl+V Pastes.
Ctrl+P Prints the current tab.
Shift+Esc Opens the Tab Task Manager
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Google Sites & Chrome For Dummies Cheat Sheet


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