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Getting the Right Amount of Fabric for Your Desired Quilting Bias

You can use the same process for making a continuous bias binding with different size fabric squares to make less binding — it all depends on what you need for your project. Use the guide below to help you estimate the amount of fabric needed to make the correct amount of binding for your project.

If you want binding that’s 4 inches wide:

  • A 44- x 44-inch square of fabric produces about 13 yards

  • A 36- x 36-inch square produces 9 yards

  • A 20- x 20-inch square produces only about 2.5 yards

If you want binding that’s 2 inches wide:

  • A 45- x 45-inch square produces 26 yards

  • A 36- x36-inch square produces 18 yards

  • A 20- x 20-inch square produces 5.5 yards

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