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Get the Design You Want for Your Pop Up's Printed Materials

Printed materials reach a different audience for your pop ups than social media campaigns. They’re also a good way to start conversations with staff in businesses that might become keen supporters or even partners in future projects.

As well as marketing, you need to use print in your pop up. Open signs, hanging price labels, menus, point-of-sale displays and carrier bags are all printed items.

The design process for your printed materials involves various stages. Follow these steps to make sure you end up with the right result:

  1. Conduct research to inform the brief.

  2. If you’re using a designer, give her your brief.

    You can do this either at a meeting or, better yet, in writing. Your brief outlines what you expect her to do and the total budget.

  3. Research.

    Your designer will do some research and may come back to you with suggestions to revise the brief. If you’re not using a designer, show your brief to family or friends to get their feedback.

  4. Present concepts.

    Your designer shows you rough, unfinished artwork for you to comment on and choose between designs. Take time and consider what she presents.

  5. Finalise the artwork.

    Carefully proofread your final design and correct any errors.

  6. Print.

    You or your designer can deliver artwork to the printer you’ve chosen.

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