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Get Help on eBay’s Category-Specific Boards

Want to talk about Elvis, Louis XV, Sammy Sosa, or Howard the Duck? More than 30 category-specific chat boards enable you to tell eBay members what’s on your mind about merchandise and sales. You reach these boards by clicking their links on the main Community page. These can be helpful if you don’t want to go on the general discussion boards and ask about and let loose your collectible knowledge.

Discussions mainly focus on merchandise and the nuts and bolts of transactions. Category-specific boards are great for posting questions on items that you don’t know much about.

You’ll get all kinds of responses from all kinds of people. Take some of the help you get with a grain of salt, because some of the folks who help you may be buyers or competitors.

These boards are also great for finding out where to go for more information and to conduct research on specific items. You can also find helpful sources for shipping information about items in that category (such as large furniture in the Antiques section or breakable items on the Glass chat board).

Don’t be shy. As your second-grade teacher said, “No questions are dumb.” Most eBay members love to share their knowledge.

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