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Which way is up? Well, the answer depends on your situation. For taking pictures with the Galaxy Tab, sometimes images just don’t appear “up,” no matter how you turn the Tab. To fix that situation, heed these steps:

  1. Choose an image to rotate.

  2. Touch the Menu icon button.

  3. Choose the More command.

  4. Choose Rotate Left to rotate the image counterclockwise; choose Rotate Right to rotate the image clockwise.

  • You cannot rotate videos.

  • You cannot rotate certain images, such as images shared from your Picasa web Albums.

You can apply the Rotate command to an entire swath of items in the gallery at once. To do so, you must know the secret:

  1. Open the album (pile) you want to mess with.

  2. Long-press an image to select it.

    Instantly, you activate image-selection mode.

  3. Continue touching images and videos to select them.

    Or you can choose the Select All command.

  4. Perform an action on the group of images or videos.

To deselect items, touch them again. To deselect everything, touch the Done command.

The type of commands you can use on a group of items in an album depends on the group. Some commands, such as Delete and Share, can be performed on any old group. Other commands, such as the image rotation commands, work only with pictures, not with videos.

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