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FTP Graphical User Interface in Lion Server

In Lion Server, Apple removed the graphical user interface (GUI) for FTP that was present in previous versions of Mac OS X Server. In Lion Server, FTP is available only through the command line. None of Lion Server’s services uses FTP.

A benefit of FTP is that any computer operating system can download files from an FTP server with a web browser. FTP is often used to serve files across the Internet, but it isn’t secure.

If you want FTP service with a graphical user interface, you can install a third-party FTP server in Lion Server. Here are a few good FTP servers that use a graphical user interface:

  • Rumpus from Maxum is commercial FTP server software written specifically for Macs.

  • Wing FTP Server from Wing FTP Software, available for Mac, Windows, and Linux, offers some security options.

  • PureFTPd Manager is a graphical front end to PureFTPd, a free command-only FTP server. Both are written specifically for Mac.

While you’re at it, if you’re looking for a good FTP client for users running Mac OS X, Windows, or Linux, try the free, open source FileZilla. FileZilla is dependable and easy to use.

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