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Formatting Keystrokes for Microsoft Publisher 2007

Part of the Microsoft Publisher 2007 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Microsoft Publisher 2007 gives you a range of shortcut keystrokes to help you format text. You can choose a font, change its size, adjust kerning (the space between letters), and make all sorts of tweaks to your text. The following table shows just what you can do with Publisher's keystrokes:

Keystroke Action Keystroke Action
Ctrl+B Bold selected text Ctrl+Shift+" Insert an inch mark and defeat smart quotes
Ctrl+I Italicize selected text Ctrl+Shift+' Insert foot mark and defeat smart quotes
Ctrl+U Underline selected text Ctrl+1 Single space lines of text
Ctrl+= Superscript selected text Ctrl+2 Double space lines of text
Ctrl+Shift+K Change text to small caps Ctrl+5 1 1/2 space lines of text
Ctrl+Spacebar Change text to plain text and remove all styles Ctrl+L Left align text
Ctrl+Shift+> Increase the font size one half point Ctrl+R Right align text
Ctrl+Shift+< Decrease the font size one half point Ctrl+E Center align text
Ctrl+Shift+P Activate the Font Size list box in the Format toolbar Ctrl+J Fully justify text
Ctrl+Shift+F Activate the Font list box in the Format toolbar Ctrl+Q Return paragraph to standard format
Ctrl+Shift+S Activate the Style list box in the Format toolbar Ctrl+Enter Insert a column or page break
Ctrl+Shift+[ Decrease kerning in selected text Ctrl+Shift+] Increase kerning in selected text
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