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Format Menu Options on the TI-84 Plus

When you are creating a graph on the TI-84 Plus graphing calculator, you must select the format for the graph from the options on the Format menu. In the Format menu, each line of the menu will have one item highlighted.

An explanation of each menu selection follows:

  • RectGC and PolarGC: This gives you a choice between having the coordinates of the location of the cursor displayed in (x, y) rectangular form or in


    polar form. Select RectGC for rectangular form or PolarGC for polar form.

  • CoordOn and CoordOff: This tells the calculator whether you want to see the coordinates of the cursor location displayed at the bottom of the screen as you move the cursor. Select CoordOn if you want to see these coordinates; select CoordOff if you don’t.

  • GridOff and GridOn: If you select GridOn, grid points appear in the graph at the intersections of the tick marks on the x- and y-axes. If you select GridOff, no grid points appear in the graph.

  • AxesOn and AxesOff: If you want to see the x- and y-axes on your graph, select AxesOn. If you don’t want to see them, select AxesOff.

  • LabelOff and LabelOn: If you want the x- and y-axes to be labeled, select LabelOn. Because the location of the labels isn’t ideal, selecting LabelOff is usually a wise choice.

  • ExprOn and ExprOff: If you select ExprOn, when you’re tracing the graph of a function, the definition of that function appears in the upper left of the screen. If you select ExprOff and CoordOn, then only the number of the function appears when you trace the function. If you select ExprOff and CoordOff, then nothing at all appears on the screen to indicate which function you’re tracing.

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