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In the Maps app on your iPhone 4S, you can display the Information dialog for locations to add a bookmark or get directions. The Maps app makes it possible to get information about locations, such as the phone numbers and web links to businesses. Useful information is displayed in the Information dialog.

  1. Go to a location and tap the pin.

  2. On the information bar that appears above the pinned location, tap the Information icon.

  3. In the Information dialog, tap the web address listed in the Home Page field, which you can use to go the location’s web page, if it has one associated with it.

  4. You can also press and hold either the Phone or Address field and use the Copy button to copy the phone number, for example, so that you can place it in a Notes document for future reference.

  5. Tap outside the Information dialog to close it.

Rather than copy and paste information, you can easily save all information about a location in your Contacts address book.

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